Sunday, May 27, 2007

I want to lose weight! GSS

Whenever I say anything along the line of losing weight, I'll hear people going..
"Please.. You're not fat nor, if you're fat what am I? a (insert any heavy animal)?"

I have to clear this.
I am short thus people put me in the petite range but honestly I'm still meaty here and there.
I have love handles and thunder thighs and fat arms and huge butt and a fat face.
Yes, I may seem tiny to you all, that's because I'm short.
It doesn't mean I am in good shape.
I am fat and I know it. stop deluding me. -.-

I can't un-short myself, but I'm sure I can un-fat myself.
With so many slimming company having GSS, maybe someone can give me some free treats?
*hint hint*

There's Body Perfect Singapore, endorses by Olinda Cho (From 72Kg to 57Kg).
Sign up with a friend, for a 1 for 1 offer.
$388* for 21 sessions.

and there's Expression, endorses by Chen Liping (from 75Kg to 67Kg).
$288* for 10 treats and 12 fat busters thingy.

*terms and condition apply & if I'm not wrong, it's exclusive of GST.

Everyone is rushing to sign up for packages before the GST rise.
This is not a sponsored post.
But I wouldn't reject it, if you want to sponsor me to for these treatment though. :P

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