Saturday, May 19, 2007

my internet connection / computer

went wonky and doesn't seem to allow me to do much...
I only get to blog this entry after much cursing and swearing, restarting and refreshing.

I was thinking.. what would my world be like without my own computer.
I couldn't think any further.
I know I wouldn't be able to live without being grumpy. :P

Anyway.. many people commented that my blog is no longer "uglyfatchick style"..
It's too "commercialized".. Has too much ads..the only thing that didn't change is the boring-ness...

Alright.. lets see how did this happen..

1) I'm not in school, thus not meeting friends, thus nothing to blog about.

2) I almost have no life now, it's either work or eat or sleep or blog or thinking of legal ways to get more money..

3) The only event that is interesting in my life now, it's working with new friends in the fitting room and since I don't have my phone with me when I work, I can't take photos and show you all mah..

4) Even my poor boyfriend doesn't get to see much of me nowadays..

5) I love money. Who can reject money right? I used to put up only AdSense but no one ever click on them, (which means no money generated), so I have no choice but to use other programs loh.. Yes I am desperate!

That's rough estimation of how I spend my 24hrs...

Using of internet- includes checking emails, blogging, reading other people's blog & sometimes maple or msn.

Actually most days I don't even watch TV so that I can blog more, or check out more opportunities for me to make money. :P

By the way, I just joined a new program..
I get paid reading advertisement.
Different from emailcashpro which sends you emails to read ads,
you actually log into adbux and surf the ads there yourself.. and they are paying $0.01 per ad you view. All you have to do is click on the ad and view it for 30seconds (there's a countdown counter on top) and you get $0.01!

I think it's even better than emailcashpro since I don't have to wait for emails to come in (they haven been sending much emails to me lately and they pay miserable amount lah.) less than 1cent per ad. -.-

so if you're interested in the $0.01 per ad thingy, it's call adbux. =)
I think if there's referral, I get part of what my referral gets too but then again, I really don't hope for much now.. no one has yet to join my emailcashpro after I try to advertise for so long, so I don't expect much for adbux also lah..

I've added the amount I "earn" at one side on my blog and I update it almost daily. unless I didn't earn anything that day...

alright.. I got to go.. need to rush out soon..
seeyah~ =)


  1. Same thing I'm facing. Boring life = no interest posting.

  2. haiz.. what to do..
    work comes first now.. :P