Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Work related

First day was quite bad. The crowd was super duper scary, everyone looks fierce, and I'm super lost. My supervisor looks kinda scary too. :P & I went home with numb legs. I had to rely on pills to keep the pain away.

Second day was a slightly better, except for my torn pants. Yes I tear my pants while working. (somemore it's customer notice and then tell me one..) Even after I sew it back, it got "torn-ed" again & this time, much bigger hole. I should have taken a photo lah... but then you'll see my butt plus part of my legs and I didn't have my phone with me cause we're not allowed to use phones while working mah.. Some super kind soul lend me her phone to call back for help and another kind soul brought me another pair of pants from home.. If not I can't even go out to have dinner loh. :P

Those hours I didn't sleep has caused my eyes to look super ugly. I think I'll just stick to wearing specs bah. Have to hide my eyes!!!

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