Thursday, May 24, 2007

PPP Direct

Part One of the Birdo Release.
A new version of is now available for me to explore. yeah!
Anyway, the biggest new feature in this Birdo release is PayPerPost Direct.

I know I wrote about it yesterday, but all I knew then was:
I set a minimum amount I want to be paid for Direct opportunities and put up the badge on my blog. So if anyone finds my blog and decides they would like me to write something for them, they can just click on the badge and make me an offer.

This morning, I woke up and thought, this couldn't be all free right? I mean I had better check if I'll be charged for each new entry I get or something. (just to be careful)

I went to read up more about PPP direct, and to my surprise, I think I've made a great choice to use PPP direct! :P

I got my "future advertisers" a rather good deal!
Most companies providing this kind of service would charge between 50-100% markup on post. Meaning, if you put up a minimum offer of $50, advertisers would have to pay $100 but you'll only get $50, the company takes the other $50 for doing almost nothing! The people at PayPerPost agrees that when an advertiser clicks on our badge on our blogs, I should get to keep majority of the money and not give it to someone else!

PPP Direct only charges a 10% service fee, and about 5% of that is for transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing. Which means, when I put up a minimum offer of $5, My advertiser just have to pay $5.50! =) In PPP's words, the advertiser gets more bang for their buck and I make more money!

Is it safe? Most "kia su" (slang for scared to lose) people would ask.
It's gonna be messy if you try to do the same thing on your own. Imagine, you want to get paid before your write, but your advertiser wants you to write before you get the money. So how?
Payperpost provides security of an escrow-like service that will assure you get paid for your hard work and the advertiser gets his post.

Other than PPP direct, I find this other new feature very interesting!
Post Reservations!
I used to think that once I click on "Take opportunity", they will hold the opportunity for a period of time while I type out my post. But after spending 2-3hours making my post, when I try to post my post, they tell me that all slots on the opportunity had been filled! Heart pain lah. :(
That will not happen now... They've increased the reservation time to 6 hours!
Means, I can take my time to blog once I click on "take Opportunity" and not be afraid that I wouldn't get paid for all the time and effort I put into typing my blog post. Yippee! =)

I'm In love with PayPerPost! =)

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