Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 Little cupboard

Hubby bought this for me, many months back. :p

He fixed it up and now I've 2 little cupboards on my white drawer.
I wanna show you all what's in my little cupboards. :p

Left Bottom: My makeup stuffs.

Left Middle Left: Fake Lashes. I still can't find my favourite pair. :(

Left Middle Middle: Hair Ties.

Left Middle Right: Hair Clips.

Left Top: Unopened contact lens and hubby's shaver.

Right Bottom: Watches and Shades.

Right Middle Left: Earrings.

Right Middle Middle: Necklaces.

Right Middle Right: 2 Bangles, bracelets and 1 ring.
I've bought some bangles but they got lost in mail even though I paid for registered post. -.-

Right Top: Panadols, Flu drink, Plasters, Muscle Rub, Mopiko, Vapor Rub, and the blue colour thingy is pill crusher. hahas. coz I duno how to swallow normal sized tablets/pills...

This post is very random and exist just for me to show off my cupboard from IKEA.
Hidden message: Hubby I want to go Shopping! :p


  1. That cupboard is so convenient!
    How much is it?

  2. $22 each. Very ex to me loh. But help me save a lot of time.. cause last time i dump everything together then always cannot find my stuffs..