Friday, August 22, 2008

Boss is back.

My 老板 not 老大 lah.
He went overseas for business and leisure..
Left us here to struggle... :p

Then he came back with Chocolates for us. :)
My colleague and I got 1 box each.

Not a very big box but at least he remember to buy things for us mah.. The other time he went overseas, he didn't buy us stuffs leh. :( Or maybe because I wasn't a good girl, so I didn't get it. :(

Pardon my messy table.
Got to go back to work le. Super busy neh.
Invoices, Payment Vouchers, Payroll, Stocklist, Filling... here I come!!!


  1. will you be going to cozycot holy grail private party?
    check your email.


  2. diaoz.. you use my comment box as tagboard ah?

  3. hello im sort of a passerby
    why dont u make a cbox?
    anw u seem like those XIN FU women who is alrdy attached.

  4. forgot to say that i heart JIRO too

  5. Hi Sabrina,
    I had tagboards before but sometimes ppl comment on my old topics and I don't know which one they talking about. And also when I have tagboard no one want to write comment here. :p