Monday, August 11, 2008

Nononono.. then BAM.. 13pcs of new clothes

Hubby doesn't like to go shopping with me.
I can make him walk with me into almost every single shop in a mall for a whole day and yet I couldn't/didn't buy a single thing.

Last couple of months, during the famous GSS (Great Singapore Sale),
we went to so many places yet I didn't really buy much stuffs.

Then last Thursday, BAM!
I ordered 13 pieces of clothes online at one go.

Sony DSC-T100 Digital Camera

Went to collect my clothes from the seller at Harbour Front MRT today.
Dragged my brother along and made him carry one big bag of clothes for me. :p
I'm a happy girl. :)

Sony Ericsson K750i (Handphone Camera)

One piece reserved for Chinese New Year.
Can you guess which one? :p

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