Sunday, August 17, 2008

I almost cried when I see our flag being raised.

Yesterday manage to catch a bit of The Table Tennis game.
My favourite part? The flag raising.
When I see Singapore's flag being raised I almost cried.

Now I see, there are 2 groups of people.
One group are those who are truly proud of the win, the other felt disgraced that we "bought" those medals. Somehow, I feel that there are more people who felt disgraced than those who are truly happy and proud.

I say we made a good investment and Singaporeans complain too much lah.
Yes, I'm a Singaporean and I'm complaining that we complained too much. -.-

When Singapore "bought" these players, are they already well known?
No. They're just some people who didn't get what they want in their home country, that's why they decide to come over here.
Eh, that sounds like some people I know leh. Except, they rather forgo Singapore's citizenship and go apply for other country's citizenship. :(

Didn't those girls work hard? They trained also what? Why they don't deserve to represent us to win mah? You seating behind the computer complain and complain, you got train every other day? for hours? No, because you've got more important work to do. Like working for $$$ to feed your parent/children. Because of the mentality that being a sportsman in Singapore is super hard work, and if you don't do well when you're young, by the time you're over 30 you'll stave.

When we go to work, there's nobody to clean up the house, we hire maids. Now we got no time to train and play sports professionally, we hire people to train and play for us lah. Anything wrong? I think if we don't get from China, we get from other country like US, Europe or something. Then these same people who complain, wouldn't complain so much. -.-

Now the "whole world" will stereotype that true blue Singaporeans are those who only know how to seat behind computer and complain. Ouch.

Hey, relax lah.
I'm just stating my 0.5 cents.

Now that other country de people know that Singapore is so rich, can buy players, they'll be more willing to invest in Singapore mah. Then when they invest in Singapore, who are the people who benefits? You and me lah!!

Okay, enough on this topic for now bah.
Anymore, I think later got people say I don't know anything still dare to anyhow write. -.-

In case you haven notice, for my blog..
It's back to the same layout again.
hahas. I think I'm crazy de.
Keep moving the stuffs in my blog around.
So how? This one nicer or previous one nicer?


  1. well done, i agree. if only there are more people like you.

  2. wahahaha!!! i commented earlier than u lehs... did u see my blog den u comment de??? good one mans (oh, i meaning the comment..)!!!

  3. lols. You mean my comment or your comment is good?