Tuesday, August 19, 2008

18-19 August 2008

Monday is off day. I finally finish "the five people you meet in heaven" book.
It's really good. I sob through it. -.-

I bought 2 pieces of second hand shorts online at $14 for both including registered mail.
Which is like less than $6 a piece? :p

My maid wasn't home when the postman came with the registered package. The postman left a note asking me to go post office to collect. I thought my bangles have finally found me!

That's the "problem" with shopping online. Sometimes you buy too much stuffs, you don't even know what you're suppose to get. hahas. feels as though you're opening presents. :p

Me @ work taking a short break before I go crazy.

So much to do!!
It's never ending and like I've tons of stuffs to do everyday.
But I let you know something stupid. I actually like working. -.-
I just hate "troubleshooting" stupid stuffs like people who over-promise and demanding customers. :p


  1. If u like "the 5 people u meet in heaven" then u should also try "for one more day" same author also.

  2. okie.. I'll look out for it when I'm at the bookstore. :)

  3. hay u cute u should tray more

  4. ayeee. i like mitch albom!
    how much did you buy that book?
    want trade for one day for a book i got. its "a perfect mess". good for ppl like us. it makes us feel good about being that messy.lol


  5. Hi Jash, I don't know what's tray, but thanks for saying I'm cute. :p

    Kiamchai, I bought at $15.90 if i not wrong. -.- A Perfect Mess by who?