Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I know why your boyfriend watch soccer.


Remember there was a time we went overseas and then we were in the room..
Like a typical guy, he switches on the TV straight away.. But he didn't find any interesting programme to watch, so I took over the remote and switch channels while talking to him about something.. Then suddenly I wasn't talking to him.

My eyes were glued to the TV screen. It was showing some hockey match on TV. Think it's Malaysia Vs India or something. Yes, I don't even remember what we were taking about.. Not sure if it's the bed too hard or the aircon too cold! :P

I've heard of many girls complaining that their boyfriends seems to prefer watching soccer on TV then to talk to them.
"I cannot deny that sometimes watching a good game is far more interesting that what you ate for lunch or what clothes you bought today."

When you watch the game, your mind is like totally in the game. Every pass, every move.. It's really easy to get captivated.

oh. Maybe you don't understand why your boyfriend or husband loves soccer so much. Maybe to you it's just 22 guys running on the field chasing one ball. But to them, it's far more than that! To see the team they support score a really good goal, it's like we girls able to get a Super Limited Edition LV bag or something like that.

Most guys don't dig chick flicks cause the storylines are mostly quite predictable.
They like to see challenges and watching soccer is very de challenging one okay!

"The ball is round, so anything can happen in a game."
Plus each and every player reacts differently under each situation and with more than 1 player, the situation becomes even more interesting. Like maybe guy A is super good at volleying and corner balls but he's super lousy at passing. Then guy B, very good taking penalties but then cannot run with ball, cause not so good with dribbling. Then maybe team A is good at attacking but team B is very good at defending. Aiya. A lot of situations in a game lah.

It's like those dramas with super lots of twist and turns de.
You don't know who will win till the end!
Even if Team A is the top team and Team B is mid table, Team B also got chance to have a draw game de lor!

Or if your boyfriend prefer to watch basketball, maybe he just like to see the cheerleader dancers during halftime. :p I'm kidding lah.

I follow my dad watch soccer when I was young.
I might not know all the rules but I do appreciate a good game. :)
By the way, I LOVE HOCKEY! :P

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