Saturday, August 30, 2008

My bangles finally arrived! :)

I'm in this stupid shopping craze.
Keep buying stuffs.
I should lock up both my ATM card and my internet banking device.
That will stop me from buying any unnessary stuffs. :(

Went ebay to search for original albums to purchase. Support original! :)
Bought 10 chinese pop albums from one of the sellers at 3 for $12, total damage $40. -.-

8 August, I bought some bangles and it somehow got lost even though I specifically asked and paid for registered mail. -.- I think because the seller sent my items by normal mail when I paid for registered mail and then the item got lost. Because when I asked her for the tracking code, she said she threw it away already. Either that, or she didn't send out the items at all lah. :(

Was kinda desprate to get the items, actually paid the seller another $5 to "re-send" items. Hubby says I'm stupid cause the person should pay loh! Haiz.

Anwyay, went down to collect my package from the post office because no one at home when they send the "new" package over.

Suprisingly not a very huge package.

10 Bangles + 2 pack of mini stones on stickers.
Total damage $26. :(

The plastic bag spolit when I opened up my package, I taped it up so that it looks nicer. :)
Anyway some shops in FEP selling at 3 for $5 or something. Please check the price outside before buying online.. Now I felt I overpaid for those bangles. :(

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