Friday, August 15, 2008

Mi Adidas Shoes @ Vivocity 10 August 2008

2 Sundays ago, Hubby and I decide to make an appointment for our Mi Adidas shoes. :)
Early birds who signed up for the Singapore Marathon Run, gets 30% discount off Mi Adidas Shoes. Woots.. new experience! :)

Last Sunday, Hubby and I went down to Vivocity to meet the same guy whom we made appointment with. His name is MIKE also. hahas. so werid. :p

Hubby says I look like student with the jacket, FBT shorts, mickey mouse bag and sports shoes.

Our bags. :)

We were a little early, so I decide to do what most bloggers does...
Take photos!

Create Your Own...

3 easy steps to get the shoe that's best for you. :)

Hubby looks damn funny. Heh.

Hubby and I feeling restless.

Ooo.. Look at those colours! :)

Do you know there are a total of 11 parts which we can choose what colour we want?
If I got money I sure get another pair is one part choose one colour de. :p
but I no money liao. :(

Finally we get to do it...

Hubby went first and no, this is not some feet spa or what.
It's a foot measuring device! that's connected to the laptop and it measures both the width and length or your feet. :)

Did you know that no 2 feet are perfectly same sized?

Measuring hubby's feet. His socks looks funny. :p

While waiting, here's our "old" shoes. :)

This stepping pad will help them to help you get the correct shoes for you! :)

Hubby running. 10 Secs.

Hubby ran once and the other MIKE can tell that hubby's leg got injury last time.
So pro right? So now hubby cannot wear those normal shoes to run.
He needs something that has this stability thingy in it.

Hubby testing the sizes.

Customizing also means they can give you shoes that will fit both your feet nicely. No longer need to buy bigger shoes cause one feet a bit bigger le. :)

Asian's feet are a little wider, thus it's not easy to find shoes that will fit just nicely for our feet. Normally when we get shoes it's either too tight in the front or it's too long. Customizing makes buying shoes so much easier. :)

We move around on our feet so much, if the shoes are not comfy or not suitable, you might hurt your leg. It's especially true for sports shoes! Like for example runners. Some runners have feet that "tilt to a side" when they run. So they'll need shoes that will help them to balance off the "tilting". Cause wearing the wrong shoes can cause the runner to sprain their leg.

OMG This suddenly hit me! Now I finally know why some girls who can run really well always fall down and sprain themselves and end up not able to do well in competitions le!

Hubby's shoe number.

After hubby, it's my turn. :)
Ever see a fat girl wear jacket run in vivo?
A lot of people watching me loh. so paiseh. *shy shy*

Hubby take de video. -.-

My feet's pretty small. They are about the same size.
And I don't need the stabiliser thingy. So I'm having normal shoes!
But I get something with more cushions, so more comfy. :p
And I got the type of material that's not waterproof but wouldn't be too warm one. :)
Not more super smelly feet. :P

Mike helping me with my shoe lace.
Now I know a new way to tie shoe lace tighter le. :)

Trying the fitting of the shoes that's supposed to be my size. :)

Once we confirmed the sizes are alright, we proceed to choose colours for my shoe. :)
Mike gave me the chance to personally click on the submit button to send my shoes to Germany to do the blueprint! Then bring to HK to do. Hubby jealous. He didn't get to do it. :p
My shoe got my name on it de. Too bad can't put UGLYFATCHICK.
Cause can only put 10 letters. :( Hubby's shoe is like so RED! lols.
Can't wait to get our shoes month end. :)
Usual price for our shoes is $335.00, after 30% discount is $234.50.
That's like $100.00 off! This is my current most expensive shoes sia!
This pair will take over the top spot from my Mizuno baby.

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