Sunday, August 3, 2008

Random Offline shoppings.

Delayed post.
Anyway, it's just some boring random shoppings.

The other day when I was out with my ex-colleague, we went to eat MacDonald's!
Just for the "limited Edition" glass!
For that week, it's Volleyball! :) I'm lazy to collect all the 5 designs since I missed out the previous one. But I did get another one. I don't know what design. Lazy to go check. :p

On the same day, my ex-colleague and I wanted to shop but almost all the shops either closed le or closing le. :(
Robinsons closed quite late and we went in to see if there's anything we wanna buy.
We end up getting undies. lols. kinda silly. But they were having this sales thingy. 5 for $20 or something like that. :)

Bought Simply Her (Aug) magazine mainly for this purple card holder. End up, I gave it to my mum cause I have too many nonsense card and having an extra "wallet" like very troublesome. -.- I think she doesn't use it either. :p (Hubby going to say I waste money again. haiz..)

Milk. :p

翻滚吧!蛋炒饭 (Rolling Love) DVD. 上集
Uglyfatchick hearts 汪东城! Muackz!
I'm waiting for the 下集 to come out. Damn sian. Everytime have to wait so long. :(
Which reminds me. I've got a couple of DVDs/VCDs at hubby's place!
He take so long also haven watch finish. -.-

My short messy hair can only use this to tie loh..
Quite ex leh. $2.90 per pack leh. Last time around 50cents only right? :(

These belts are suddenly quite popular. Anyway I bought them when there's some promotions on-going. Think it's buy 2 get 1 free or something. Anyway it doesn't look very nice on me.

I should stop eating all those fatty food and eat more vegs and fruits sia.
I'm growing too chubby liao. :(
Later cannot run the 10km run ah!
Oh ya, 各位观众 I've registered for the 10km Standard Chartered Run again this year!

I know I'm crazy.
Last year ran liao, this year run again.
If I exercise regularly I confirm join the 21km one loh. But I lazy. :p
This year must find time to go train if not cannot even finish 10km, super throw face.
If the timing not good, also super lose face. :p
Got certificate one okay... Don't anyhow play ah! hahas.

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