Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remember my birthday neoprint?

The one hubby and I took at Great World City before his free movie, for "entertainment"?

Yes, this one

Please note: below are some photos of a couple, if you do not like to see happy looking couples, please skip this entry. Thanks. :)

Back to my post..
So I was saying..
I finally got around to scanning that neoprint which was taken like more than 3 months ago? :P
It's all because I finally installed the printer/scanner to my brother's computer and decide to test it by scanning the neoprints. :P

He sexy? I'm tough guy? lols. (obviously not done by me!)

Simple simple. :)

Happy Birthday to me. :)

Trying to act like model.
I look damn funny trying not to laugh. :p

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