Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore!!!

I can hear the fireworks!
Or is it the thunder?
Nah. I'm sure it's fireworks. I can hear my brothers wow-ing. -.-

Uglyfatchick loves Singapore. :)

Super duper sad news, I lost 1 side of my favourite pair of fake lashes!!!
I know I have so many pairs at home, but none of those lashes can ever take it's place.
I wore it to DnD last year, wore it out for fun and even wore it just to take photos. (eg. above)
It's very special to me, because even though it has this special shape, it looks more natural on me than those "natural" looking ones loh. :(

Recently went to Sakae Sushi to eat sushi.
Then saw on their screen got show their outlet at Downtown East..
Which reminds me of the time when I got sick at chalet and all my friends looked after me.
Late at night when all the shops closed le, they walked all the way to White Sand the 7-11 to buy me medication, tissue paper and inhaler to help me breathe easier! Seriously where to find friends like this.

Mandy, Xinying, Wilson, PuiZhi, Ber, Shanqi, Franz, Serene... I miss that chalet..
I miss my ShaXiaoMei...
When can we meet up? :(


  1. I SEE MY NAME ! HAHAHAHAHA ! That was so long ago already omg! Yesyes. Meetup soon pleaseeee !