Saturday, August 2, 2008

Defector brought Uglyfatchick to Bishan for fun (My First)

This is the "separate post" that I mentioned in this previous post.
Anyway, last Monday, 28 July 208.
Hubby woke me up early in the morning and drag me down to Bishan.

We waited a while for his friends.
Supposed to be 1 huge group end up, not sure if it's they know I'll be there or what,
there were only 7 people (including me and hubby!) -.-''

Since it's hubby's second time and my first, hubby took the responsibility and taught me the basics. It's quite easy and I manage to learn in quite a short time. but I'm not as good as hubby though.

He caught like 40++ of them (not including those jump back into the pond!) and I only caught 6-7 in 3 freaking hours. -.-
Oops, I forget to say what we were doing at Bishan.
Hubby bought me to go prawn fishing, also known as "prawning" to some. :)

See, Hubby gotch one. :) This one's rather small..

He "de-clawed" the prawn.

Some huge prawns have super huge pincers or more formally known as "chelae", hubby had to knock them out before "de-clawing" them. Their princers are very sharp one okay! So kids please do not try to touch the prawns on your own. Please get an adult (preferably your parents) to help you with "de-clawing" and removing the prawn from the "bait/hook". :)

Hubby is a busy boy. Hold prawn to let me take photo still can use handphone. -.-

Hubby re-placing bait on the hook.
Be careful, because the hook is very sharp oh.

Bait is small pieces of chicken liver, provided by the farm/pond people.


After almost 3hrs of prawning, hubby and I caught more than enough prawns for our breakfast cum lunch. :)

Hubby and a small basket/net of prawns.

Side view.

Top view. Doesn't look like a lot right?
When you pour out all the prawns and start counting, got a lot a lot loh. -.-

In this video are some prawns "jumping". But most of them going to die liao, cause while we set fire at the BBQ pit, we left the prawns in the hot sun. :p

These are the tiny prawns. We cooked and ate all the huge and big ones le. :p

Do you know what's so special about this prawn?

Make a guess?

It's a mama!!! Got so many eggs. But no taste one. :(

See the big prawn there? That's not the largest we caught loh..
Still got many others. We got so many prawns that we can only finnish around half only. The rest we left for anyone else who want to eat loh. :p

We were at this place call Hai Bin U Enterprise.

Their rates :
$15.00 - 01 hour
$25.00 - 02 hours
$30.00 - 03 hours

Overall not bad. Quite fun.
Might go back again or go other place to try. :)