Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unboxing uglyfatchick's Mi Adidas Shoes

3 weeks ago, hubby and I had an appointment at vivo to make us a pair of shoes each.
I received an email early last week that my shoes are here! :)

Info sent to Germany to do blueprint, made in HongKong and then sent to Singapore.
Went to collect it with hubby on Sunday. Hubby's quite upset cause he have yet to receive email to say his shoes are ready. :p

I've got me shoes!!!

Here's the box.

Free shoe bag! hahas.

Say Hi!

I wanted to put uglyfatchick but they can only allow up to 10 letters/numbers.
WEIYA 1988.

Pink Adidas. :)

Shiny shiny. :)

Uglyfatchick hearts her Mi Adidas Shoes! :)


  1. Those are very nice shoes... Adidas where?

  2. Ignore that last comment. I just saw your last post and I'm going to check that customised shoe thing out soon.

  3. IT makes me want to go excerise. :p If not waste my money. :p