Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I need a new blogskin!

My current blogskin is really messy.
My itchy hand lah. Go and anyhow edit edit edit. Now it's so messy. :(
I need something simple which also allow me to put everything here and more.
I also want this "older post" link that I see in so many people's site.

(eg Nonnie's)

1 at the end of the page.

and 1 at the end of each and every individual post.

No money to hire people to do my blogskin.
Can't find any nice skin at
How?? :(

Help!! :p


  1. LOL! Just keep searching for one that has.

  2. I almost turn the whole of upside down le. :p okay maybe not the whole lah, but I try to find like so hard to find de. :(