Friday, August 8, 2008

Uglyfatchick's haircut at Chapter 2 (29 June 2008)

This post is almost 6 weeks old. :p
(There are many photos of me without makeup and really not presentable as usual, so if you don't like to see ugly photo, go read other ppl's blog ok? Thanks. :)

Remember there was a post where I mentioned that Hubby and I went down to Suntec and saw Maplestory (I mean the event)?
Aiya, who will remember such an random post?
Anyway, it's here in case anyone's interested.

We went all the way to Suntec's S4H (Salon4Hair) to look for the hairstylist who chop off my hair six days before my birthday 03 May 208.

Didn't see my hairstylist around, so we decide to walk to Marina Square to look for hubby's friend's friend. She also hairstylist, so I decide to go there find her loh. Not sure she's no longer working there or not working that day, also didn't see her. All hiding from me??

Anyway, since it's late le, I just take whichever hairstylist they give me loh.

My hair looks funny cause it's very thick, then I tie it. So when I take away the rubber band, my hair look like that loh.

Hubby laughing at me! :(
I actually wanted just a cut, but while waiting for the hairstylist, I look through a little booklet (like menu) and I thought I should do some hair treatment since I've been dropping a lot of hair lately. :(

Reading on the courses I might be taking next year. :)

I waited quite long before some weird guy who looks like someone owe him money (or he could really be very very tired), lead me to a place to wash my hair.

After washing, the guy ask me to go back to my seat and wait.
So I return to my seat and waited loh.
With my wet hair and air-con, super cold loh.

My funny looking wet hair.
I wanted to put heart over my face cause hubby takes really ugly photos of me!
Then I found myself too lazy. Anyway hubby keep saying is not his skill, it's the model's problem. -.-

Alright maybe it is my problem. :(

I want to buy new shoes! :p

Waited for quite a long while before the guy came over to towel dry my hair, put the treatment thing on my head and put this huge semi-bowling ball looking machine to steam my head. -.-

Me looking super bored.

oomph, I've got a big head!

Argh... I'm in great pain...

My hair's on fire. *pouts*

I'm SO ANGRY!!!! Fuming mad! See, got smoke come out of my head! :p

Finally, it's done and I went off to wash away the treatment stuffs.
Then I came back to wait somemore...

After a while, the guy came back with comb and hairdryer!

My hair looks so smooth hor?

I love hair treatments! They make my hair look and feel so nice. :p

A bit tired already..

Free Water. hahas.

Anyway the hairstylist finally appear again and began to cut my hair after asking a couple of questions. I'm not sure why, somehow I thought she doesn't understand my hair enough. When she's almost done, I told her to cut my fringe also because I didn't like how my hair looks after she thin and shorten it. -.-

More photos of "after" haircut here.

Overall it's an okay experience, but I didn't like having to wait so long and the staffs don't seem to be very friendly leh.. I don't think I'll be back, unless I really can't find ppl to cut my hair or I got discount or free haircut. hahas. Regretted spending more for treatment because I actually only wanted a haircut de loh. :(


  1. New hairstyle huh, not bad! But it's kinda time consuming to take photos of the progress...