Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zi lian-ing at work. :p

Hopes my boss will never see this! :p

Yesterday I was working alone.
Today, I'll be working alone.
This Friday I'm working alone again! :(
Now not sure if Thursday and Saturday I working alone anot. haiz..

It's end of the month, have to prepare pay cheques.
Honestly preparing cheques seems so much easier at work.
No need to be afraid that I'll spell the words wrongly, cause there's this cheque writer which will print numbers. hahas. I love it. :p

But if type wrongly or if I didn't align the cheque properly, then got problem loh.
Maybe next time I use plain paper demo. :p

Okie. It's raining outside and I think I'm catching a cold. :(
Okay I got to go do delivery schedule!
If not later boss say I never do work. :(

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