Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pow Sing Restaurant (13 July 2008)

Last month's 13th July, Hubby and I was in Orchard area doing shopping. End up didn't buy anything.. Didn't see much nice stuffs to buy. When I do see something nice, it doesn't have my size or it's very ex. -.-

So anyway, we were really hungry from walking around the whole day.
Decide to eat at the food court. I think it's Wisma. I don't remember liao. :p
We chance upon this little corner like "ze cha" like that de..

The Menu.

Because everything's so expensive, we only ordered 1 bottle of drink. $2.00
The staff's nice enough to give us 2 cups without us asking. :)

We ordered one plate of plain rice each. $0.60 x 2 = $1.20

And 1 Curry fish head. $18.90

Total damage for 2 person: $22.10

The curry's pretty good.
I think it's worth the $22.10.
The portion of curry it's enough for 3-4 person. :)
Crap. Now I'm craving for it. -.-

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