Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to my lovely mummy.

Mummy's birthday on the 26th August.
The 3 young boys shared money to buy a fruit cake as her birthday present.
About 1 month ago, they tell me that they will buy the cake as her present, ask me not to buy. hahas.

My mum's birthday cake.

It's a rather memorable birthday.
I felt really guilty that mummy had to cook her own "mian sian".
and she cooked extra knowing I want to eat also. *red face*
Daddy was home early but he went out after eating the cake. :(
It's the first time my brothers bought something for my mum and we finished the whole cake!
And it's been years since I manage to get a proper family photo.

Yes! finally a family photo.
But I look so crappy inside lah. :(

It's so obvious the boys have darker skin tone.
and yes, I do think I got my "fair" skin from my mummy. :)
If only hubby inside also. :p

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