Friday, August 29, 2008

Uglyfatchick hearts offline shopping.

Last SundayMonday was shopping day.
Buy so many stuffs, I'm almost broke. :p

Mummy's Birthday Present. (:

New shampoo. :p Damage $7.65. ouch.

Bought 2 books from the book rental shop at Vivo, damage $25.
No time to sit down to read. :(

Gave this to mummy. Got it free cause me and hubby finally completed the card at the Bird's Nest Bar. 10 stamps in 5 months. Means we go there have Bird Nest once a month leh! hahas. 5 times, got 2 times I pay for us de loh.

I think DMK was last stop.
I've 2 pairs of shoes going to spoilt very very very soon.
So decide to buy 1 pair put one side first, in case both also spoilt, got backup mah.

Bad angle to take photo. cannot see the shoe loh. -.-
It's still in the box, in the paper bag, waiting for the current pairs to give way..
I also bought 3 pairs of Non-slip sole pads $2 each, gave one pair to my colleague cause her shoe's soles wear off quite fast also.. Total damage $35.90. Ouch.

Sorry, 无间道 a bit.
(In baby's and my terms. something like jump here jump there, no chronological order. :p)

Went to Tangs (Orchard) in the morning.

After trying a sample sachet of moisturiser from IPSA, I really like it and I took along my $5 gift certificate/voucher to buy it. :)

The most expensive skincare product in my life (as of 30 Aug 08).
I love it cause it's liquid and not like creamy creamy de.. so it doesn't feel like a thick layer on my skin. Hubby was like: "you haven get your pay this month, you spend half liao". -.-

Look. I got more free samples. :P

Damage: $82. Ouch.

Since I was at Tangs, I also went to get the free 3-step kit sample from Clinique. :p

So many samples, no time to use. :P

That's all for now.
Will blog about my online shopping stuffs later. :p


  1. Heyyyyy, tuesdays with morrie is super nice :D I watched the dvd of it, super touching (:

  2. No time to read it yet. Will probably do so on Monday. :)