Thursday, November 17, 2005

I can't help but feel like a stalker.

I check out some ppl's blog so often, I really do feel like I'm a stalker.

Esp, when I "confess" to one of the Mok bros that I am a stalker. wahaha..
It's crap really. Crap. I hope he's not scared away by me.
By all erm.. ways and means, I'm way below their standard.
They got 11A1s for O levels and taking French.. *opps*
Cannot say too much.. :p

Blogs I check out very very often: (2-10X in a day)
Mr huge coconuts KennySia
Singapore's Blog Queen XiaXue
& simply uglyfatchick.

Blogs I check out regularly: (1-2X a day.)
My exclassmates, My next Singapore top model: Joeann
Techno loving lamer I care Luke
My lovely princess Jolyn
Fruitilicious classmate Felica
Webothlovejapanesecuteguys Hik
I secertly admire hun
Uglyfatchick loves to sing
Mok bros esp rui. :p

The rest of the blogs, they do not blog often, so I only check out like 2-3X a week. :)

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