Saturday, November 26, 2005

just came back from my vacation...

I packed my bag & went off to Downtown east with darling yesterday night.
Slept-over and woke up early to have breakfast at macs.

In terrible mood. Mainly because of my bad tummy..
I was having my period. which totally spoilt all my plans for my short "vacation".

Nearly bored to death and darling refuse to bring me out. :(
I just got home. Skipped BBQ, since I didn't want my mood to ruin the whole thing.
Honestly, I didn't expect my period to come so damn early. :(

There's so many things I want to do. In the end, I did nothing but watch them play. while I try to kid myself that I'm tired & need rest. I didn't eat a single thing since around 8 this morning.
No mood.

Daddy just went out of the house.. It's time I go bathe... den eat.. den think about whether if I want to perm my hair or go for hair treatment only or cut & have hair treatment or just cut only... and den think about how I can make myself to be happy tml and enjoy the game. think think think.

Will update again when I decide loh. :)

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