Sunday, November 27, 2005

Racial Harmony Amazing Race @ South East 2005

It sucks big time!

No joke.

The whole event is totally screwed up!

The only thing that tries to "redeem" it, it's the shirt.
I mean.. take a look at it...

The print is kind of nice... :)

First they gave us wrong timings.
Den they wasted many many many hours before the game starts.
& they got 2 MCs who were pretty much reading points from a piece of paper and totally not interacting well with the "participants".
Den didn't inform us earlier about the routes to take. & where can we eat.

We didn't eat until 4+!!! when all 8 of us nearly fainted le!
Crap. Crap! Crap!

They make us go to and fro. to the east den back to south. den east. den south. den east... ON bus! do they even know amazing race is not about taking the same bus to and fro????
AMAZING RACE is about the GAMES! the activities that would require us to team well. activities that require us to make use of each others talents and cover each others asses.
alright.. maybe not covering the asses.

If you went for the "game"... Tell me that you liked it. that you enjoyed it. that you had fun waiting for bus and feel bus sick. Tell me you love the sun. the weird activities which could be completed in less than 30sec by anyone..

Will update photos of the 8 of us when I get the pics from them.. :)

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