Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First time in my life, I plan ahead.

I'm meeting Cat on Monday.
Going to CCAB with her.
She's playing a match. I'm watching a match.
Can't wait! Even though I wouldn't be able to catch my favourite 9pm show.
(I didn't catch it yesterday too, coz I fell asleep an hour before. crap.)
It's been far too long since I get to watch a match.
Maybe ask Jo or darling to come over too. Don't wanna feel too alone while waiting for Cat. :p

Cat's going oversea. Again.
I'll miss her. Rmb, we were quite close for a short while den we erm have no time for each other lah.... now we're quite alright with each other.. Because of O levels... strange? haha..
I duno when will I see her again. I've her number, she has mine. Lets just hope we'll meet every time she has a game... :) Be her personal cheerleader!

Anyway, today's paper was crap. So much stuffs I revised, never came out... those I barely looked through, came out...
I thought I'll be sad.. but NO shit. I was actually very relieved after the paper.
Even went shopping for my brother's Christmas present & stuffs for myself. :)
& I wanna thank Cat for calling me. even though I didn't know she did, but I appreciate it very much.. :) She's such a sweet right? :)

tml, last paper & getting back results. I'm nervous. & I'm meeting Ting! so many plans.. haha. :)
update later about 10 facts about me. ;)

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