Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Everyone got back your results yet?

I'm not quite sure if I should be happy with my results.
Who doesn't want GPA of 4? Who doesn't want all As?

My GPA is 3.625.
B - Busniess Fundamentals
A - Accounting Fundamentals
A - Office Applications.

I know I know.. I can hear murmurs all ard me..
But SHE didn't STUDY!!!
SHE was emotionally unfit the day before!
& SHE was playing games online everyday before exams.
And SHE only brothered to look at her text that morning.

Hmmm.. But.. But..
It's NOT enough reasons for me to be happy with my GPA 3.625.

All these aside...
Something's wrong with my body.
I'm sick with all the headache.
& my face suddenly got pimple scar leh..
I think I look so crap now. how? :(

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