Tuesday, November 22, 2005

next post: Christmas present for me. by me.

Shopping also known as retail therapy. Is something not for poor people like me.
Though, I would say, I'm very happy today even with the bad weather.

I finally really get to really shop my hearts out.
After school, went to Junction8.
I walk "through" there everyday before & after school.
but I dun buy my stuffs there.

I spend ard $247.50.
A hell lot of money to me.
It's my pocket money for 1month = 20 scholling days (+ transport).
(no school = no money)

No more shopping (even online) until End of April.

Tml going to Ting's bday celebration at Heeren Marche restaurant.
I dun think I'll eat anything. Can't afford lah.. the pervious time I was there, I think I only ate fish. :p

Now I'm wrapping presents.
So difficult. :(

Will update on what's my Christmas present for myself. :)
I'm trying to keep Darling's present a sercet from him.. Duno how long can I keep it.. heh. :p

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