Tuesday, November 29, 2005

late for 2mins for 3days and I have to do "redemption" for 3hours. :(

Stayed after school for 3hours to redeem for my late-coming.
Went to Junction8 after the "redemption" with those in co-op.

Went to Yamaha? or whatever that place is call...
I saw them play the piano. Somehow I wished that I wasn't that much of a music idiot.
As much as I love music, I hate to admit that I'm really not muscially inclined.

Everyone there could sing!!
I would really wished that one day, I would be able to sing loud and nice for my friends too. wahaha...
Yes, for those who still doesn't know,
I love to sing. but I'm aware of how stupid I sound when I sing. (I tape myself sometimes you know..)

anyway, I'm happy just to hear ppl practise. :p

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