Monday, November 28, 2005

Love is in the air...

Saw one of my classmate's bf today. quite nice looking chap.
& my bf's cousin's neoprint of her & her bf on her msn display pic.

It's getting a little frustrating...
I want a new boyfriend also can? lolz...

Everything seems to be going fine for everyone else except me.
and this feels sucky.


someone remind. me.
How would you know if your partner is the "right-one".

I'm someone easily influenced.
and I hate that.

I miss my bf.. but he has lots of work to do.
Soon, he'll start studying le.
& I also dun really have a lot of time left for him.
(stupid time-table)

Alright. I have no mood to blog today lah. blog again soon loh. see yah.

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