Saturday, November 26, 2005

every month without fail, I complain about periods.

Let's take a look...

I hate periods. I dread them. Everytime when it comes it
brings with it lots of problems.. and i hate it.. with my bad temper.. period
makes me feel really lonely at times.. i just dread periods.. Dread periods..
dread periods.. Dread Periods.. DREAD PERIODS, DreadPeriods..

I hate periods.You see me whine every single month
about how much I hate periods.This month. Mayb I'll whine less. :)
damn. period.
Cramps was terrible today.And my fu*king
house have zero panadol again!!!
In terrible mood. Mainly because of my bad tummy.. I was having my period. which totally spoilt all my plans for my short "vacation". :(

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