Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'll be so packed up for the next 3-4 days

Will be doing my Account paper 2 later at 2pm.

Tomorrow (17th November)
It's Accounts paper 1 at 2pm
Before that, I'll have to check online for my ITE exam results.
After the paper, maybe in the evening, will meet Ting.. I only tell her I'm meeting her. Didn't mention about the presents yet. Hope she dun back out last min loh..

The next next day (18th November)
Need to attend my youngest brother's prize presentation thingy. He got Top3 in class.
His school must be damn rich to give presents for these little things.. I got Top in Primary school, also no one give me anything. Not even a hug okay. :(
but then again. His school only have got like a few classes only? My Primary school has double the number of class. :)
After I return home, I'll need to do something about my look.
face, hair, fats, nails..

19th November I'll be going to this distant relative's wedding dinner with my boyfriend, in my uncle's car van, representing my parents.. (they need to work..)
& I DO NOT even know these distant relatives..
What more my bf!!! He'll be so lost there loh.. yeah.. so there will be 2 lost souls there..
I MUST look good..
Cause, My grandma is there.. and I hate her. double crap.
The distant relative is my grandma's sister's duno who.
& I haven even seen the wedding invitation yet leh..

Alright.. I got a confession to make.
I have not revise my Accounts yet..
Shhhh.... dun tell darling hor.. if not.. he'll be angry & use his cane on me. *meow*

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