Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Charity? (Part 2)

Instead of students doing these embarrassing flags days.
(When rejected by people, students embarrasses. When no coins to donate, people embarrassed.. see? flag days ARE embarrassing. :))
Get them to "work" their talents individually!

Students who love art/design.
They can design bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, product packaging, even adverts... anything they like. School will find local stores that are willing to buy some of your student's designs. They will collect the designs for different stuffs & sell to the different local store. :) All funds donated to a certain charity. Charity done, students get to show their talents.
(art teachers may stay away. :p ) Fun? no?

Students who are into music/dance/drama.
Write compositions, plays and choreograph. (no teachers pressure again please!)
Ask the kind souls of esplanade and stuffs to "donate" the free area for use. For just one or two night or day in a year, students put up a "free" performance.
Of cause, put donation boxes at the sides for people to put money in.

Students who can run!
School approach local stores to ask them for help.
Long distance runners (students) will don on a shirt with the store's brand name on it & run a marathon around Singapore.
This is best for JC students are it's quite dangerous for younger students to run on the road/street.

Do up nice interesting websites for local small biz who doesn't have a website yet. Charge a small fee which would be donated to charity.

Brade hair/paint nails/do facial mask/makeover/whatever.
Just for a day, 1hour each student. attachment with any local beauty erm.. counter? let people pay any amount they want for your whatever beauty service.

Doctors wannabe?
Doctors wanna be, can help out at the local clinic, helping the "nurse" (be doctor's assistance's assistance) to erm find medicines or clean up, for a day.

Lawyers wannabe?
Those interested to be lawyers can help out at any firm that needs help to do some paper work for a day. :)

Inventor? Scientist?
Go crack your brain on how to create food supply that can make one full for 2 days 2 nights after eating so the poor ppl in other countries that need food can be full for longer periods of time.
Or you can come up with a material that is cheap and very good for both the cold & hot weather.
Or can come up with special ideas and you can sell it to local store (for a lot of money!!!)

Still got many ideas lah. but I'm very tired le. Singaporeans MUST be creative mah.
so you all own self go think lah. :)