Thursday, November 3, 2005

present bought. dry hair & should I repierce my ear?

I've paid for the main present for my friend's bday.
Once it's ready, will pack together with the rest of the presents.
Maybe I'll sent to her house by post.
but then again, maybe, I'll get someone to pass to her..
who knows?

I'm such a pain in the ass.
I know.

I've talked to darling about it.
When I mean talk, it means, I yak on, he listens.
:) brilliant? yeah..
Anyway, I might not go to my friend's bday celebration.
the key word is might.

I haven been in great spirits.
could be due to the fact that I'm stressing myself up.
didn't' study for O's. pimples & scars pop out from nowhere. hair is dry like hay. Black eye bags can put 2 books in. Falling sick again lah.

I gave myself so many excuse to be excused from her celebration.
and yes I know I sound so damn selfish.
I know I know.
not only selfish, but also a idiot who hold "grudges".
whatever.. *throws a bored look*
*turns to stare at you*
This is my blog, I can whine all I like k.

reasons why I do not feel like going:
1) Almost everyone there are guys. (some of them I know, some I don't, some I hate.)
2) I cannot be too attractive, cannot be too sloppy. She has to be the center of attraction.
3) I'm not sure if I can play truant and not go school on that day just for her.
4) Nobody likes to feel left out. I'm sure I will be.
5) I'm a bitch and I'll only wrack the whole event by being spoilsport. (eg: I cannot drink.)
6) Dun laugh.. I'm too shy to meet so many ppl...

reason why I have to go:
beacuse I'm her friend.

and yet, I'm still hasitating.
I'll think about this when the day nears bah~

oh.. oh..
should I re pierce my ear?
I had 2 holes on the top, now closed liao..
duno if I should go get it done again.. :(

tell me which one's nicer k? :)

*ignore those who says my pjs look stupid.

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