Tuesday, November 8, 2005

nov8. what to study for English?

I slept in the afternoon, so I prepare later.
for English!

I'm super duper tired.
once the upgrading works downstairs ends for the night, I'll make an effort to erm.. look for my last year's English TYS.

My weakness.

I cannot spell for nuts.
Every single word I type here has to go through the tool that checks spellings by Google.
My communicating skills are worse than some primary 2 students.
Writing? I probably can only do a short 250 words compo (notice I didn't use "essay") , no one wants to read.
In short, I suck.

November 9
English paper 1 (1hour 45mins) : Letter writing(52mins) & Essay(52mins).
English paper 2 (1hour40mins) : Comprehension

Help me! :(

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