Saturday, November 5, 2005

One week of crazyness.

I spent almost the whole week with Mike.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

He's going back to work..
& me?

I have my O's to worry about.
I really dun intend to touch any books.
but at the rate of me stressing up..
I'll be due for another appointment with Dr Fung & ms Poh even before O level ends..


for those who want to mock me..





7 November


Mathematics paper 1

Haven study. Gone case.

9 November



English paper 1

English paper 2

Don’t know how to study.

10 November


Geography paper 2

Last year left 1or2 question, this year full blank paper.

11 November


Mathematics paper 2

Ditto Geography paper..

16 November



Geography paper 1

Accounts paper 2

If I study in the 4days, maybe still got chance to pass one of the paper.

17 November


Accounts paper 1


Death day= tomorrow.

and I'm not very glad about it.

Come on.. I have the Mok brothers staying in the same block, same floor as me.. If I dared to.. I would have went up to either one of them to ask them to tutor me. Though they are always together one..

But they are so busy. In JC leh. den their whole family like hate me to bits like that.. I where got dare to talk to them.. (pardon my bad English, cannot help it..)

To admit, they look pretty cute holding tennis racket. *giggles* Can't help but fantasize.. Same age, same school once.. why dun they talk to me? :p

I hate them for being so smart. But I like their shy shy good boy image. Feel like walking up to one of them *muackz* haha. see their reaction. (How do shy boys react to ugly girl kissing them on the cheek?) oh yeah, till now, I still cannot differentiate the both of them. :p

Super leh.

I'm getting lamer. think I'm really over-stressed.

Don't think they will ever read this.. but if they do.

Mr Mok & Mr Mok. can teach me how to study a not? I only left with 12hours. I welcome you both to my house. Please dun bring your pretty sister. (their sister is damn beautiful, I tell you.) But every time I see her, she looks like she's going to slap me with anything she can get hold one. :p I look that ugly meh? :(

alright. That's enough of crap. I'm going to eat breakfast and think about my future. (Do I even have any that is..)

But well, I dun mean no disrespect to the Mok brothers. I just need their help that's all. But I guess even if they want to help, also cannot do anything. unless they stay over at my house to tutor me all night. *drools*



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