Monday, November 7, 2005

Wake up from a 1.5hour nap.

Now in better mood.
Just received the rest of the stuffs I bought lah.
which includes 2 denim skirt. size 1 and size 11.
Wonder why size 1 and size 11?

Size 1 is for me.
Size 11 is for a friend.
I'm not very sure if she'll like me having the total same design skirt as her...
but I do rmb that she was whining the other day about her old denim skirt.
and tata ~ I bought one for her.
hope she likes it though. coz it's quite expensive leh.
and I rarely give presents.

So I've prepared her presents for Birthday & Christmas.
Passing them to her as soon as she have the time to meet me.
As much as I want to see her respond when opening/seeing my presents. Which I last counted had a top, a wrap skirt, 1 denim skirt, 1 pretty petite necklace/earring set and another super nice skirt coming.

I've never bought so much things specially for 1 person. Even my boyfriend only settles for 1 shirt at most. (I usually only buy shirt for my boiboi.)

I'm not even sure if she'll wear them. Coz I seldom see her wear bright colours. oops.
She wanted to look erm.. her age.
and teenagers usually do wear bright colours right?
Aiya.. I just want my friend to be more confident mah.
coz last time (in sec sch) when she dress up, the guys line up from Jurong to Changi Airport to see her one leh.

I got 3 loyal fans = me, myself & I only.

I do hope she'll dress up like she used to..
She's a killer with black top, boot-cut jeans & platform shoes. ;)
I know she doesn't really read my blog. Mayb those ard her, can remind her, she looks beautiful really. Just need to dress up a little. :)
and if you tell her what's she's going to get for her presents, I'll make sure, I'll nvr give you presents. *bleah*

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