Sunday, November 6, 2005

damn sad lah.

The paper was alright. Can pass only.

I'm sad because I bought this supposedly brand new alloy/trixxi dress and it came with 2 staples through the dress! and the dress states size XL!
I'm fuming mad about it.
When I asked the seller. She gets defensive and cliams that she nvr use staples. and blames the post office. alright. that's okay. but the XL tag? How do I face the world?

I know I'm fat.. but an XL tag..
My family including boyfriend will laugh his head off.
Haiz.. in the end, I told her it's okay.. nvm..
coz it's only $33 mah..
BUT my heart still pain leh..


abit not happy. but also cannot do anything..
I want to sell away the dress also cannot. coz got defect with the tag one.. who wants? Size S but can strech to M also bah..
Mayb I try the dress, If nice on me, I cut the XL tag away.. den no one can laugh at me le. :)

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