Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Charity? (part 1)

A topic that has been talked about over & over & over until people ignore it already.

I saw a tiny bit of an Red Cross advert while checking my email on yahoo.

They played up a little on the guilty factor to make ppl donate.
Telling us how many children are homeless (No shelter).
How many people have no food to eat.
Winter is coming and they have no clothes, shelter & food.
Which reminds me..
That IS charity. playing up the guilty factor. so ppl will donate to help or relief the poor.

& the whole NFK saga did a hip-hop dance in my mind.
Actually, I only thought about those "stunts" local "celeb" do on TV shows asking ppl to donate.
& I thought of the things companies "donate" to let ppl win from donating.
Is that all necessary?
Do other countries do that too?
If they don't, are they going to laugh at us, Singaporean as cold-blooded asses who only wants a condo & car with a few $5 calls? and not doing charity as charity?

For many years, it worked.
I mean using the whole stage, play, ppl donate to win stuffs.
Ppl are reconsidering who they are really donating to.
Even the poor students doing flag day (in exchange for CIP hours) get scolded for nothing. & In my opinion flag days are irritating! To both the person who sells & the person who buys. It shows that Singaporeans are so erm.. robot like. not creative at all..

The whole point of this entry is to trying to say that Singapore should get more creative lah!
I have my suggestions in part 2. continue if you're not bored by now.

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  1. your write to much. hurts my eyes.

    i think in the society you live in they give you such images that make you believe your over weight. here in australia. your considered. normal. average. and utterly short. but its ok. i follow shortly at 153cm. =)