Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Did not go for geo.

I thought about this issue for the longest time (1min).
and decide to drop the whole subject with an excuse that I refuse to have a F9 in my report paper. or whatever that is..

Geo is a wonderful subject.
No doubt I can pass even without looking at the book for 1+year..
but What I want is not a pass.
I want my confidence back.

Four 25marks questions, I can only stare at them, trying to rmb what Sng once taught us.
doesn't that shows how stupid I have been?
I knew the answer to all the questions.
I even knew where I can find the answer.
but I'm just that lazy to study.
No no. Lazy is an understatement.
& no, study is the wrong word. It's Revise.

Cat told me yesterday thst she's not going for Geo.
With a tummy upset which really means my tummy is not feeling happy, I went back to sleep after a mug of milo powder with hot water.

Here I am.
I promise told baby that I will revise for Maths paper2 & accounts too.
no more promises from me. I always break them.

17 Nov = last day of O's for me.
& also.. I'll get my results for the 3modules I just finish in Bishan with IQ0504F. :)
Time pass by so damn fast.
After getting the result, it's time to wake up early everyday & hit the new modules in school.
Can't wait to see hoe tough can they be. :)

& damnit.
I miss my classmates so fucking much sia. :)


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