Wednesday, November 23, 2005

(Wei Ting) Sharon's 17th Birthday today! [250th Post]

This is my 250th Post. :)

I feel very "busy" today.
Have been bothered by many many things today. thus, making me feel really uncomfortable.
From the time I woke up till I see boi boi.
Whole string of "emergencies" awaits me.
Many misunderstanding, & I do have many decisions which I regretted. :p
I hope all is fine.

Ting's birthday today. Hope she did enjoy herself.
Honestly, I don't really know if she love the presents. hope she does.


I also gave darling, his 16th Monthiversary, Christmas & Valentines day presents. Very EARLY hor?
hee... I kiasu mah. :p
I hope darling happy with his gifts...
(I know darling loves anything I give him.. So it's so easy to buy things for him..)

For my own presents, I have great ideas in mind.. heh heh..

This is all for my 250th post.
I know it's short and you are freaking angry that you dun understand what I mumbling about.
Just take it that this 250th post is crap. okay?

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