Saturday, November 12, 2005

sex, spending money & movie just like heaven.

The whole "morning" was fun fun fun all the way.
& I need to start running soon. I'm gaining weight like nobody's business.
Pastamania's pasta is so damn filling lah.

Once in a month crazy shopping at PS today.
I bought fake nails. they're really cool. but school's starting soon leh..
Also bought these Korean face masks thingy. $1 one pack from sasa. Gotta try them out.. den let you all know how's it okay? :)

It's been quite a while since I watch movie. the tix for weekends are priced at $9.50 and there are still so many ppl watching! grr..

Just like heaven.
It's quite ordinary. though I cry until my whole face so red.
I knew from the first 10mins how the story would go. but I still cry.. wish no one saw my ugly red face.

A Doctor who has no life (spend 26 hours non-stop at work) was supposed to meet a landscape designer who also has no life since his wife died (I didn't catch how she died).
They didn't get to meet until 3 months later, when he moved into her house.
Favourite scene was him tricking her to come out by telling her that he's going to put a mug on her table without using a coaster.

There are some funny bits lah. The one I totally adore is when he fainted after saving someones life because of that tiny bit of blood on his hand. Damn cute. Cause he was saying stuffs like he's so happy that it's the first time in his whole life that he save someones life.. den the next thing he notice a little bit of blood on his hand, he asked her what's it, and he fainted.

The whole thing is fate.
From him moving in to well, many other stuffs.
but I was wondering how come the little niece could see her & didn't tell her mum about it.
Thinking back, I could cry all over again.
Warning: Not for those emo freaks like me.

Btw, anyone know of remedies to cure hick-ups & erm too much air in tummy?
(I'm always bloated because of the air stuck in my tummy refusing to come out.)
yeah.. and erm.. constipation maybe..

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