Sunday, November 13, 2005

Contacts or glasses.

Anyone bought these?
They last for a year.

I wanted to try it out but I would have to pay double because both my eyes are of different degrees.. -4.00 & -2.75
It's stupid I tell you. (both eyes different degrees I mean.)

I've only left with 3 months supply of contacts..
1 month daily contacts
1 month Enchanting Brown &
1 month Hippie Chestnut.

This reminds me.. remember I told ya that I wore Hazel contacts?
I dun think anyone did, but yeah.. it's actually hippie chestnut not warm hazel.

Darling just reminded me that Christmas is comming! oh man..

I'm so broke, how to get presents???

Alright, not to digress.
I'm at a lost here...
Should I get contacts for next year or change my glasses?
(both also need to save $$$)
I'm not very good at caring for my eyes lah.
Use contacts, always afraid that I didn't clean my contacts properly, sometimes my eyes dry easily & I'm lazy to put on every morning & take off before sleeping..
For glasses, after changing so many different pairs thoughout the pass 10years, none seems to really fit me.
How? friends? Anyone?
What should I do?

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