Thursday, November 24, 2005

Who am I?

Mr Sim "play" a game today with us for PIE.
Asked us to think of the most special person in class.
then ask us to look in a box.
I knew there was a mirror.
Seen that "trick" somewhere before...
That's for PIE.

den we play a bit too in biz com class.
I'm glad I did make some correct "predictions"...
though my group didn't win.. :(

Today, I found a couple more things that could disturb me.
1)When my idea gets "stolen".
2)When people has some misunderstanding about me.
3)When people doesn't trust me.

I've been through it all in 2 days.
& I'm so sick.

Recently, I read up news of the 3rd Singapore racist blogger.
I was wondering.. is it only Chinese blogger are racist?
Other races doesn't hate Chinese is it? :p
(Just an opinion hor..)

Rmb there was this chubby Muslim prefect in my primary school that everyone loves. & She's so smart & nice that I was inspired to get a Muslim boyfriend. :) She's really nice. I think she went oversea. :(
I always thought those people making rude remarks about people of other races are unreasonably bad. Esp when they (victims-other race ppl) didn't do anything wrong in the first place.

Slowly.. as I grow up... I was beginning to wonder...
Why I only heard about Chinese people getting caught for being rude. Is it because Chinese are uncultured, ill-mannered people?
Sometime back, I was misunderstood as a racist. Someone who only cares for her own race ppl and doesn't mind hurting people of another race.
I got really upset of coz... and those ppl who thinks I'm a racist are ppl from another race lah... I really felt very very sad. The more so, since I was pretty much a loner kind of person. & I treated them as FRIENDS.
They see me as enemy!
I'm devastated.

I still am btw...
Alright.. My ex was a mix blood peranakan. I used to have a crush on this Indian Boy & this Chinese Muslim girl in primary school. What? I duno how else to show I'm innocent. :(
And I still think I did not do anything wrong. :(

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  1. Haha, hopefully it's only a simple misunderstanding. Try not to speak so directly, change the wording. Maybe others felt attacked by you because your words seemed too harsh. Hopefully they'll understand you.